I want to change my email for ad manager registration

I want to change the current email registered in kodular because I want to get started with ads manager my another account which I want to use is already approved by adsense I am currently using the unity ads but I want to go with the ads manager, before some days my app completed the milestone of 50k+ download on playstore andcalso unity ads doesn’t shows the banner ads

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It is not possible to change your email address. You will have to migrate your projects to a “new account”, where you can use your desired email address. A couple of things to make sure:

  • Download your keystore from your original account, and import it in the new one
  • Download the AIA and import it into the new account
  • Change the new app package name (if you were using a default one in the previous account)

ok @Diego I will import my desired project in my new account and thanks for the reply

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