I want to count the click on the button and store it in the air table spreadsheet, but I can't find the right option

it clearly seems the get value is not a number… make sure what you are getting



What would be appropriate to plant here

use any label or notifier to get what you are getting first

In which block should it be set?

You used got column block but you requested get cell.Then you need to use this block

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Use Got cell block, as said by @Janidu

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What to set as row id, the block I set doesn’t work

Can you tell me what are the inside thie “global id2” variable and inside the "global count "

Why do you changed the blocks in when sprdsht got cell when compared with your prev post?

Use the same blocks used in when sprdsht got column into when spdrdsht got cell.

Also make sure the got cell value must be number


Assuming I didn’t get the results I wanted, I would change that block

lohar_samaj_var.ais (129.8 KB)
@Janidu @Still-learning

First of all you use 6 extensions that you do not mention. If someone hasn’t import them prior to a project importing ais fails. Also something might be wrong because even after importing the extensions error pop’s.

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Send us valid aia with required screen atleast .

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lohar_samaaj.aia (762.0 KB)
@Janidu @dora_paz @Still-learning

Once set as a row number, try setting the global position component

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Yes, it works but, there is a problem, after clicking on the button, duplicate components are created, is there any solution?

Maybe they can guide you better than me @dora_paz @Still-learning & @Janidu

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Can’t anyone help? Here, half of my problem is solved, but half is left