I want to create a live location attendance system with admin panel can anyone guide me

I will set a particular location from app where the attendance and in out time gets recorded.

What have you done until now? Show your progress, layout, blocks.

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Actually nothing because I am getting no idea about it.

So maybe start with a small part and see what works and what not. Show your blocks and you will receive help here if your question is clear. Don’t expect that you will get help to make a complete app.

If you have absolutely no idea then you maybe shouldn’t start with such a complex app but educate yourself with easier projects.

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Or you can ignore what Peter said and wait for someone who wants to earn a badge to give you an aia file.


I actually do the same project so on the side. I use a arrangement to enter data (at home). this creates a qr code which will be scanned by the admin app. The scanned code will be stored in a tiny web db with time stamp (coming) or (leaving) for at least 2 weeks or as authorities demands.

But it is not that easy for me, especially the connection via tiny web db is hard for a hobby developer.

a.aia (1 KB)
hmmm.it may work.

It is in zip. Can you provide direct aia

are you serious?

No , It is Not in ZIP

You Must Be Using Mobile Chrome Browser Which Would have Installed .zip file Instead of .aia

I would Recommend To use Desktop or Laptop To install it Or Just Remove the .zip from End and Import it in Kodular