I want to create share the app and win cash or coupons in the app. How can I do that?

I want to create share the app and win cash or coupons in the app. How can I do that?
how to add dynamic content, like weekly winners, and give the money coupon to them in the app account?

What did I try?
Nothing as yet; I am trying to figure out!

It’s your app and your logic. First try your self if you get any problems then ask in community :slightly_smiling_face: will will help you out. You didn’t start yet and asking how to do

(If you are beginner don’t start with hard app. Start from easy which give ideas how the component works )

I Knew someone will say this in the community.

there many experienced people in kodular, someone might have tried and know a way of doing it. I have made apps in kodular. but i dont know how to get started with one.

if you know how to reward users when they share your app, or something like that, then share, I will work on it and then add some value to it.

If you want to show option like "watch ads to unlock " then see the ads components in rewarded video ads

And think how you can make your more interesting

It takes months to make such app. At least 1 month to do your thing

Try something like a referral code each unique asigned to each user.
Suppose i install your app i will get a code for eg:- ABCDEF

and i tell my friend to install the app and while registering in the app there should be a txtbox where you can enter the referral code if you have one, so my friend will enter the code ABCDEF and maybe both or only the code’s owner will be rewarded

This is easy too

thanks for your response

tell us if you get more ideas.

Ya for sure

I have come across an app that runs a weekly contest. collect emails, numbers and announces the winner after a week in the app and that app is I think made in kodular.
Any suggestions on how to achieve that?