I want to get full text from firebase

When getting data from firebase, which is written manually, it is only getting first word. I saw answer in another question to use (", "). But i cannot edit it. Is there any way to do so without adding these chars?

Nope its not possible because the syntax of writing data in the firebase cannot be changed.
For the simplicity, you can export JSON from firebase, edit it in any text editor and reupload it.

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You can get the full text from firebase…

When you store any text in firebase, just replace “spaces” between letters with this " + " You can use the replace all text block in kodular. Now when you want to get the full text. Again replace all the " + " with “space” ( just add one space in text string ) and then you will have the full text : )

I know what you mean
I sloved it with doing another thing
write this: "\"text here\"" (this is the value, the tag you can normally write).

you did like this? "text"
try what i said and reply to me if it worked to you, to me yes.

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