I want to make a chat app where should I begun form?

Hello Kodulr Comunity!

I am here to ask for a little help, I want to create a simple chat app, I have watched a lot of videos/tutorials and I have also gone through the community but couldn’t find anything useful!
I have to just ask where should I began! or someone can recommend me! like a video or just a simple chat working .aia
i would be great help fo me
Thank you

How to use chatview with firebase?

See here how to use Firebase with ChatView Component


@Ded_Sec_00 I have already tried those but they crash when I build them, like when i change their firebase details

Usely, firebase don’t work with th companion. You have to build the apk to test it.

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Show us your blocks and upload your aia.

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And what did You try ? Some issue ? Show us :+1: