I want to make a Coaching app using Wordpress as backbone

Hello everybody, need your help. I want to make a Coaching App. In that app I want to use Dynamic content from a Wordpress site. The contents are a mixture of both Free and Premium. I tried to use Webview but I cannot get rid of the Mobile Website’s Header Menu. I want to give a complete app like UI of the Wordpress site in the Webview of the app. I need some idea about how can I accomplish this.

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install json api plugin in your wordpress website and get all data in a json format. then use the json data in your app.

How to call the JSON data to the app Vishal? I need guidance.

search the community… there are many apps available which uses json.

Nope, cannot find any tutorial on this. I have a Wordpress site. I want to show the site’s content in the app. But do not want to show the Site Name and Site Menu. Only the app menu should be used for navigation.

This tutorial will be really help you