I want to make a ringtone ;app..!

I don’t found any ringtone component. How to make this…?

Try the paid version of the settings extension


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I recommended that extension to the topic creator in another topic but they want a free solution.

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Yes you got it. But Why kodular don’t have ringtone extension…?

What you want to make ringtone app ?
Like send ringtone sound or control of volume of ringtone or what ??

Going through your topic I rarely see you giving feedback to the helps you get, specially from the extension developer. Instead, you are always complaining about not having this wanted feature. As far as I know, neither Kodular nor AI2 have this, so why not spending a few and buy it or trying to develop your own extension?

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Button click to Set as Ringtone from assets.

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com.aemo.setrington.aix (5.2 KB)
Test this extension , I made it now :sweat_smile:
Source : How to set ringtone in Android from my activity? - Stack Overflow

If this extension works the way @Shahina42000 asked, it’ll be the first time I see it in this community. The person doesn’t follow rules by asking others paid extension for free, is too demanding not only here but also in other forums, ignores other users recommendations, but at the end, gets what needed.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get. But if you ask and don’t get, ask again” by Gina Greenlee


Because we are an anomaly :joy::slightly_smiling_face: