I Want to make movie streaming app with airtable and colin list view

Search on community & youtube you find many guides.

I have searched and do few things but but wont get success

Show me what you tried.

After that i got this error on my app while testing

Your list is empty. Is airtable configured correctly (api key, base id, table name) ? are you getting data from airtable ? Use Do it to debug your blocks or post a screenshot of your airtable

No my table has 3 catagories

api key base id and table is correct

Here you are wrong

Replace this global Image variable with global Description variable.

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but here my image url is showing in title section and title is not showing

Send me aia i will fix.

Do this changes in your blocks.

Done but wont work

Send me aia.

check i have sent you privately

thank you for helping me
now its working let me add few command
then i reply if i get any querry

If someone click on my 1st item from list i want to open another table from air table what i have to do now

Kodular - Airtable: How to Use Spreadsheet - YouTube or How to Use Airtable Complete Airtable Guide Tutorial with App and Free AiA - #4 by Class_12_History First of all learn about how to use airtable.

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