I want to reset password by firebase authentication

Hey hi i am making an app which using Firebase Authentication component for Sign up and sign in.
but if user want to reset password,what will he do?
i mean how i make reset password option,because there is no such components?

please help ?

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per api with get

where? i didnt understood?

in youtube you will find a video for reset the passwort with the web component via a api get call:
Search for passwort reset firebase in youtube

i didn’t get it can you provide some link

Here is the link

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Sorry to say… but where is reset password components in kodular?

Reset password component is not available in Kodular you can watch video to understand how to make it

if components are available then i will understand own,but there is no such reset password components,give me a solution please.?
how do in kodular?


Hier ist der Link

So erstellen Sie ein Anmeldesystem mit Reset-Kennwort mit der Firebase-Datenbank in …

Do this what tis person in the video do, and you have a passwort reset system

but he do in thunkble -X ,In @Kodular there is no Such components for resetting password.

it should be implemented :innocent:

he has linked the wrong video, you find a video on youtube where you can see how o make this with the web component. (API> Get )
i will look if i find it,

Here this is one video for the rest you have to search on your own.

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yaah you got it​:blush:
thnq so much

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