I want to retrieve the air table field values, but I can't

I want to retrieve the air table field values, but I can’t. I searched the community but couldn’t find it. Who can help me?

The block I made is like this. If you click A, you want to load only the first occurrence of Field 2.

제목 없음1

Please explain what you want to do.

I want to be able to call B by clicking on A

In image you provided
you are saving both column values in a single List_View1. Why you are doing that?

I think what you are asking is, first you are saving column “notice” data in List_View1 and when you click on 1st value of List_View1, then you want to get/show 1st value of column “Field 2” in your app.

Yes, that’s right. Can you make a block?

Set counter to 1 instead of links .

Thanks! But error 601: NO conrresponding activity was found

please share ur aia here or in private chat so that I can look what’s wrong with it

I still haven’t solved it. Difficult ㅠㅠ

also use android.intent.action.VIEW in action in activity starter

That means your ActivityStarter properties are WRONG

I did as you told me … 601 error occurs Attach aia file, please fix it ~

sterdyauction_Screen45.ais (4.7 KB)

  1. That’s not an Aia
  2. Show your Activity starter properties.

But what do you want to do with the link?
What do you want to do with the Activity Starter?
Download the image?
If you need to download it, you better use the Download component.

If it’s an image and you want to show it, put the url in an image component

here is solution.

Replace Screen name where you want to show your data.
( Get proper Labels / TextBox in that Screen first ).
this blocks contains images as i created this blocks for my ListView with Images list. you dont need that at all. just use remaining two blocks.

mark as solution if helps.

That’s not a link that you are referring to and there by it wont work

Btw, I hope you don’t have +45 screens in your app

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How can I do this? Can you make a block?

Thanks for the comment, but it’s not the answer I want.

did you try that ?