I want to save my (completed)project1 as project2 and start making chages in project2

I am confused.

KIndly guide with exact steps

One way download aia to pc, rename, upload it to creator, start making changes

When you are in your project go the project menu and choose Save project as.

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Unfortunately Peter that is not working

dora_paz, on c.kodular.io I am trying to import my project1.aia
Nothing happens

Is it because my.aia is 4.08 MB?

Both ways should work with no problem, maybe you have issues due to network speed.

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It is working for me. Why doesn’t it work for you?

I opened my .aia with 7zip and deleted all sound files and images except 3-4

Now I could import renamed aia to c.kodular.io

I opened it

Now clicking on blocks and nothing is happening
(I faced this issue few days back, then after sometime, without me doing anything it entered blocks mode)

You have to wait for couple of minutes. As the file size is 4mb, it will take time to upload depending upon your network speed.

Go to any project, then try to upload instead of uploading from main screen.

Now I can see blocks screen in firefox but not yet on chrome

Thanks guys for responding

Hopefully I am good to go

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Now can see blocks screen even in chrome

Thats why said, need to wait. 4mb certainly will take to upload and need to display

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