I want to send value on next screen, What I'm doing wrong see my blocks

I want to send value on next screen, when click custom list view
its connected with airtable on next screen

First of all you can shorten the block
By making like this
When onClickListItem inside it
Open another screen “screen name” and value = position + 1

Also what error you are getting when opening notes screen


I can’t shorten block
becuaz its connected with airtable spreadsheet

I’m not getting error
I want to send value with another screen so where can I put block for it,

Use the cache in the application tany data bace :grinning:, but the tag must be the same in saving data and displaying data in other screens

You have to make a list and send data as start value.
Or use TinyDb to save and fetch data when another screen is open. (Note: use TinyDb for both screen and same name)

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You are sending just the list index to another screen.
post the screenshot of notes screen blocks.

BTW, @nikzdevz is telling absolutely correct. You can shorten blocks by doing as he said.

and a better idea to send values to another screen is to make a list of already fetched data and send it to another screen as start value or save it on TinyDb and call it on another screen as @techVsurya said

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