I want to show data from airtable when user click on bottom navigation menu how can i do it

please suggest me how can i show airtable data when someone click on any bottom navigation menu

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I want to call more than one data like photo and title can u help me

With your brief description in the first post it is very hard to understand everything you need to do. Please, next time elaborate your query more !!!

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Oo sorry sirr sorry i am new in community i didn’t know the rules. Please forgive me

how to do that could you show the block

Search on YouTube,
there are a lot of video/guides on it.

From the same table?

Or each menu gets data from a different table?

Usually a spreadsheet component can be used. Something like this:

You’re getting every column. To do this you change the value of the variable “counter”.

In the last IF, at the end of everything, you can put that the data is shown according to your convenience. You already have each column stored in a variable (which is a list) and you only have to work with lists to get the data you need

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