I want to store only online current date

i want to store only online current date in this format MMM d, yyyy how can i do it ? i already use a extention called datetools but this extention show error sometime , error is timeout . please help me .


i want online date not system date

What do you mean by online date? Dates in different timezones?

no online date mean today online date , not system date . if i change my system date then also show me the right date on a label . thta’s i need

You can use the methods from the clock component with any date, also a date from an API


Please elaborate
Use an example so everyone is able to understand

And what about trying something and putting some blocks together?


Try This Extension


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What if user is not from India?

They can use the home page where user can get utc time, then they can either convert it or can use it directly… but this will give utc time only

Solved , Thanks dear

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