I will make your app UI more better!

If you want me to convert your app into any UI you want DM me now
(Price depended on project size (screen(s) etc.) )

Average price : 20rs/0.24$
Max price ( 10 screens, 12mb project, custom UI) - 300rs/3.62$.

You can give any UI you want me to make your app into it, ex. Google translate app UI for your app.

Thank you for giving your precious time reading this post.
If you want me to convert your app UI to the best I can, some of my works are :

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Sorry about it, so under which category it should be?

Hi, Could you contact me. I have a fully working app with a firebase Db as the backend.
The app collects user data, stores it locally, then sends it to Db. It then downloads the Db along with additional fields which are filled in by a different user type on a html page. This downloaded Db can be viewed in the app.
I need to make the GUI better looking and move the firebase Db to mysql.
Let me know if you can do this for me.
Thanks in advance.

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Sure, contact me now on email, with your app information, screenshots, and in brief about it, and what changes I have to make in it, removed by mod, send a pm.

I removed you mail. No personal info on the community.

Okay, sorry for disturbance.

Sure, message me on kodular community personally.
I’ll give you my contact info.