Iam unable to share content uri file from share component

Iam unable to share the particular file from share component. The file is hidden in folder. I can play that file in video player but unable to share it.
I did research but couldn’t find any solution. Pls help
Thank You!

Convert the content uri into a filename before sharing… you can use one of the file extensions for that…

It is showing error

Is there any other way to do so, i tried one more extention but iam not getting file name.
One more thing i just replaced text till primary: in the 2nd line and put /storage/emulated/0/…
And the video played in MX Player through share but other than that other apps are returning file is not supported

To access that directory it might be you have to use the SAF extension?

See also the overview Some basics on Android storage system

You also can try a search in the community… I think we already talked about accessing WhatsApp media files somewhere…


Extention not working. I have content uri. The video is playing in app as well but iam not able to share it.
While sharing it is like file://content://
May be this is the issue
But while sharing saved videos iam able to share them.

you forgot to post a screenshot of your relevant blocks…

this is not a valid path/filename


I got the answer that the particular file cant be shared as it is saved in hidden folder, will have to save it somewhere by some name then while sharing get that path. Can you tell me how to save content uri file in any folder?

You can try to copy the file for example to the ASD before sharing it…