Idea for an extension that can display screens within layouts

Recently I had the need to display the registration/login page on another screen in my application, so I have to copy the entire design, again and also all its logic to the second screen, this is cumbersome and delays the work - especially in cases where a change is made to the login process or the design of This page, because the same change will have to be made on the second screen as well.

That’s why I thought of an idea for an extension that could display existing screens within a layout on different screens.
For example: it will now be possible to create a new screen that will have the login page and through the extension I can display this screen within a layout (or in several different layouts if necessary) on any other screen - so all the design and logic remain on the login screen but they are displayed within a layout that is in another screen.
In addition, it will be possible to transfer data to the screen, and the screen will also be able to transfer data to the main screen with a function that will be available in the extension.

I really think this could benefit a lot of people, I’d love to hear what you think and if there’s an extension developer or someone from the Kodular team who can comment on this!

I hope this has no meaning also not possible to bring different screens in the same layout…

We always suggest users to use different arrangements for different purpose long with multiple proper procedures so you can reduce the building of heavy blocks.

Of course, this is not a substitute for the correct use of functions, and there is no doubt that a more elegant solution such as: creating an option to create designs and layouts that can be placed on different screens in the application - would be a much better solution, but it is something that will require a lot of effort and time from the AI2 or Kodular team.

The idea for the extension that I suggested could possibly be realized by extensions developers.