If my App has not been approved for serving ads

I have two questions regarding approving of apps for serving ads,
First one is that if we have published our android app in playstore and someone user have shared it with some else such as sharing through shareit, zapya etc. then my app will be able to serve ads?
I monetized my app with facebook and startapp, I published that without checking due to ads approving system, after publishing I came to know that there is a bug in facebook ads component. If such type of bug will be available in other components as well then how we shall come to know about that before publishing our app in playstore. and similar question how we shall come to know that we have used accurate blocks.


always test your app first before uploading.

you can live test the app and right click on the block and click “Do It” to check the output and moreover if something is wrong either the function will not work or you will see error which can be found in testing phase and if you cannot fix issue, community is always there

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