If the app close from any screen, how will it start from beginning

please suggest…
when I’m living the app by pressing mobile home button, and later when I’m back into the app, I’m back into that screen where I left.
But I want the app to be closed whenever someone left the app from any screen.
And it will start from beginning when he come back again.
what will be the blocks ??
thanks in advance…

Maybe you can try this @funtu :
blocks - 2020-08-26T202344.806
Not sure if it will work. also you can replace close app with close screen

Or on app resume set screen do you whant to go

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I can’t understand.

I think you mean leaving ?

On screen.resume
Go to screen1 to start app again

oh, yes… sorry for spelling mistake.
well, do u suggest a solution of my problem ??

Did you read the other suggestions?

except above suggestion I tried all suggestions but of no works.
above suggestion is not clear to me, I’m sorry for my ignorance.

Try This:
blocks - 2020-08-27T163742.747
Same as in post #6
Important note by me :

You will have to add this in every screen you have except screen1

Maybe because you didn’t follow this:

Also i have a suggestion.Maybe it works if your app has been removed from the recents so it starts from the beginning:

Yes this works

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