If you use the name of the com.appybuilder.email.app_ remove the commission?

I tested at companion and the announcements of unity appear.

No, it means it’s treated as default package name


com.appybuilder.email.app_name as default package for commission
This doesn’t increase commission when using the equivalent AppyBuilder package name

I think I get it now, you wrote that because using another name increases the commission, but if you use that no.

Yeah, I edited the Release Notes now as the previous version could be confusing

If your app name is SuperApp and your email us [email protected], then default package name is io.kodular.foobar.SuperApp
If you keep that package name, or set as custom package name com.appybuilder.foobar.SuperApp, your commission won’t get increased because of using a custom package name (it’s treated as a default one)


Let me ask you something similar.
I got a published package com.thunkable.android.foobar.SuperApp, obviously started long time ago on Thunkable.
After sometime I moved to Appy Builder and kept the same package name (mandatory) in order to continue update the app.
Now If I’m move to Kodular and keep the same package name (mandatory), the commission would be as you have described?

In next update we will also treat it as default package

io.kodular.diego_barreiro_perez.app will be the same as com.appybuilder.diego_barreiro_perez.app and com.thunkable.diego_barreiro_perez.app for the commission system


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