I'm having trouble getting values from micro bits to display on kodular

I’m relatively new to Kodular and have a question about extracting temperature values ​​from the microbit and displaying it on kodular. I can connect to the microbit via bluetooth. But i am unable to get temperature value from microbit and display it on kodular.

Show your relevant blocks.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 192509

Put these blocks at WhenBluetoothLe.Connected than try.

If you want brief details about it than refer this pdf - MIT_App_Inventor_Microbit_Temperature.pdf
Or This sample Aia (Appinventor Aia) - http://iot.appinventor.mit.edu/assets/samples/MicrobitTemperature.aia

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thank you :pray: :pray:

Hope your problem is solved.

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