I'm sending requests (component web), but something is making the return fail, it's not always, but it's happening

Dear, using the web component with requisy reponder, with the response to procus a part is not made in the text, there does not like the works and in other times not. The error that is shown is here. Will I set a time to wait for a response from the server before doing a search? This is as a result of a search where there is an error in a position and there is no “but has” return, but it seems that the error is one time or another and expects a response and is already looking straightforward.

The code number has a numeric value that is within </ level>, but it has the value that is not returned by 100, since it looks like it’s number, but if I test api in postman it always comes number. What is some problem waiting for the server response.

As indicated in above image.

  1. You are using both set and get blocks for same varisable at the same time. This might be causing problem which can be :point_down:
  2. The get variable block might be empty. Use the ‘Do it’ feature during live test,to check if the variable indicated are passed empty or not.
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thanks to my friend, this worked thanks to your help, but I have another problem, I have 4 local variables (“transbordo”,“transbordo2”,“alerta”,“alerta2”), but when using join I see codes marked with red from time to time are left blank, that is only the part of the code referring to the global variable srio1 has its content shown in the text, the others are blank, other times it shows everything right, only in that block marked red I have this problem, in the block below, works correctly.

I tested the content of LRioS1.text in a message notification and the variable is ok, it’s have a content correctly ,
but on the screen, sometimes it only shows me the contents of the variable (global srio1) and not the complete text