Im stuck. i did what i can but

please help me with my app,

this is like an inventory system which i can put items with is price cost and selling price and its quantity…

adding the cash is okay, and when i try to add an incoming product at first time is okay too,

the problem is when i add another quantity, the quantity and cash gets doubled …
i think its on how i use tiny db? or there’s something wrong with my nested else if…

i can send the project aia if y’all willing to help me… thank you so much…

Can you show us you if then else block? If it is easily predictable by blocks we could tell you without aia else it will be needed

Uploading: blocks.png…

Uploading: blocks (2).png…

blocks (4)

i was about to message you, but thank the heavens you noticed me first.

blocks (2)

wallet_inventory.aia (196.5 KB)

Ok, let me your aia. But after finishing my personal only I will check, don’t mind. Meanwhile before me someone also may help you. Else I will surely come up with solution

I am in mobile and got struck with your process.

  1. Added cash
  2. Added products in Shelf A(unable to add price)
  3. Nothing can be addee in shelf B

I got no problem with that as of now

yes, it is possible to add 5 products,
i haven’t set the blocks for the second to fifth products,

it is possible to add price, just press the violet cart button,
then if quantity is zero, out button is disabled,
but if the total due that are going 'IN" is greater than the cash, it will not be processed.

the problem is, when i add quantities that are going in or out, the cash and quantity added get doubled…

example if, there are 10 available items and cash is 100, when i add 5 more items with the price of 1 each.
the outcome is 20 available items and the cash will be 110… when it is supposed to be just 15 items and 105 cash…

same problem wiht the items going out…

after i am satisfied with the blocks on shelf A product 1, the next shelves will be okay too… that;s why im focusing on this one first… but no matter what i do, it still wont work, and sometimes it gets worse.