I'm Unable To Upload Extensions Or Project Files

I’m Unable To Upload Extensions Or Project Files

Tried Uploading It Many Times But Didn’t Worked From Last few days

Same goes for extensions,When I Checked Their Status It’s Showing Fine

Please Help

Welcome to the community. Is the project that you are trying to upload to creator made with Kodular or with another Ai2 distribution ?

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Welcome To the community . Please use desktop site for best results and try again

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Tried Doing That But Still No Positive Results

So aia is made with kodular
And extension is of enhance

Is it your aia ? Cause from above image I see that you don not have any projects in creator. If you wish you can post your aia here to check it

Unistall the current browser and use mozilla firefox

This is problem of your browser

I actually created another Account cause I thought it might be accounts fault

What happens when you use different browser? And what actual problem you’re facing?

Stop assuming that the problem is always the browser. The only problem right now that’s related to the browser is not being able to connect to the companion.

Tell me what browser are you using on Android not Desktop as per his screenshot it is clear he is using Android and there are 1000+ web browser out of them 500+ have same UI and looks same so I said the browser problem he should use Mozilla Firefox browser

No let’s stop this talk this topic is closed

Try Unchive (kodular.io) To check errors In project and Remove The Unwanted Things From aia Via Zip Opener

Stop replying twice about the same thing, edit your reply.

The topic is still open and will continue to be.

The author of the topic is using Chrome.

You shouldn’t recommend another browser unless someone is having performance issues (you can use MS Edge) or they’re having trouble using the Companion (then you can use Firefox).

The author of the topic was trying to import extensions and projects to Kodular, not use the Companion.

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Ok I Lost you won

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I’m Unable To Upload Project Files And Extensions

Most probably something is wrong with your project, so either


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Thanks For Advice Your Tip Of changing browser actually worked

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:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:Nice If you get any problem you can message me anytime

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