Image Color Extractor

Hi, koders this is my images color Extractor app
This app has service of extracting colors from any image the depends on AI so it should be connected to internet to work .

-The app can be useful for developers who want colors from image to use it in their apps
The app present hex code colors so you can copy it and use the color with the code

-The app doesn’t have ads it’s free app ,

If you want to try it you can download it from here:

-and their is some screenshots for the app


Nice ! Mention the api

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this does not need api can be done with normal blocks as per what i think

I only know on click colour picker for image but all color how can they pick at once ?

you have to use canvas and run a loop to get colour of every x and y coordinates i guess

Thanks for telling I wasn’t aware about loop color picking method

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Do you mean copy all codes in one click ?

Api is something made from pyton and java server so its something unsimilar to coding of kodular

Really I don’t know about any blocks or extension to do this
So if you know you can mention it or set it’s url

so you are saying you used web component to do this?

Exactly, l used web component with some of java script to arrange this process .

umm ok then.

I am using web component with some of java script to do this process
I am not using API

i achieved a offline method by making a simple extension
result -

Please share it

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i will publish it after some time @UnknownMan541 :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait

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i currently dont have a device to confirm it works on a device i have only tested in emulator i may get my device in 1 - 2 hours

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@UnknownMan541 , @Alpha_S -

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That is so good I can’t wait for it .
Go on !

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