Image editor bug

I am using dynamic image and using blur effect and brighness effect (image editor) on clicking image it perfectly fine when i click on any image on first time as i click again on other image the blur effect and brightness effect is increasing automatically
how can i stop it , i want a constant blur effect and brightness effect

this is what i am geting

Chech your app with APK

Dynamic compound mean mostly people will use card view and un that card view image will be displayed. If not they will use vertical scroll arrangement.

Can you show how you are displaying images using this dynamic component? May be you r doing mistake over there

it is same even in apk

any one please help me out?

the issue is that when we use the image editor it creates a new file named “NewImage.png” and anytime we edit with it it just makes anew file with the same name and reuses it again and again
I’m facing the same problem as I’m trying to rotate photos :cry: