İmage editor phone problem

Hello, the official language in image editor is I use the flip picture block. On my Type 1 (portrait) tablet, it makes my picture vertical, but when I click on it on my phone, it turns the picture black. What is the problem, what should I do?

please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks and let us know the Android version of both devices


my blocks

My phone screen (My phone is Android 11)

My Tablet’s Screen (My Tablet is Android 10)

I selected the same image on both devices.

My blocks work like this: When I click on the card view, I select an image with the activity launcher. When the image is selected, if the image is horizontal, I make the image vertical.

Add to I did it by changing the blocks, that is, when the picture is selected directly, it transfers the picture directly to picture 1. I selected the photo I took on my Android 11 phone, the photo was placed upside down, but a photo I took with my Android 10 phone was placed vertically (I took the same place at the same angle on both phones)

Just rotate the image when necessary


The problem on your phone has been resolved, but this time, all the pictures I selected on my tablet are horizontal. I made the blocks as in the post.

If anyone has the same problem as me, they can do this. I followed the following method, I added a button, it rotates the picture every time the user presses the button, the user can correct the photo if it is upside down.

my blocks

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