Image is showing white in Dynamic Components

Try image again, and set Scale To Fit to true

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I have tried already… still problem exists.

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Take the risk it will take hardly 5min.

Might all this headache be gone.

And also there will be no loss of original .aia so taking risk is worth something.

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There is a way to copy all blocks into a new project . But how to copy same UI design in new project.

Right Click on the main Container Arrangement and Select Copy.

Paste it in new Project.

it works i tried myself / used many times.

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I think its working only PC/Laptop. I am using Mobile Phone

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Oh man that’s then a problem.
Try arranging a PC / Laptop.

i when encounter this type of issue i save .aia to my device.
Then delete the project from Kodular.
Then i reimport it.
( sometimes it works for me )

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Tried. Its also does’nt works for me…

i don’t know this will work or not.

Use a Mouse and OTG to do the right click and copy paste.
Might work in Android i think.

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Let me try it by manually.
But why its not working older projects? Any valid reasons behind it?

Ok, but what are you actually passing to icon, can you make a print of that…



or if enabled add this to your code



Added blocks as you suggested. Still problem exists…

Sorry, I can’t guess any more, the above worked for me while I was testing…

Its showing images when set arrangement as image in High quality image off mode… But not showing when set it as image component…

This situation happens even using Scheme

As a personal solution I carry out a procedure using for each element that verifies the name of all the dynamic components created

I admit that it is somewhat tedious and I could even say that it makes a bad use of the memory of the device, but it was the only solution I found so far

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Here it works in both cases.

Both cases means?

See below :upside_down_face: