Image not coming

Just renamed right?

That maybe the reason for the second problem

no the problem was with my computer also it was jpej file but i cant see it while coding so would it come on live testing

The problem is that you downloaded the image with wrong type

Download this image and try…let’s see what happens

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So, we are

Ghost Riders.
:ghost: :fire: :bike:


Use only file types such as. .jpg, .jpeg, .png

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i am asking that if img is png so will it come in live test only coz i cant see it while developing app

image saved as jpeg

Yes Definitely it should come.

where you can’t see
in companion
in .apk
or in designer screen.

in designer screen

That happens with me too.

Need not to worry,
it goes fine in Companion and .apk

in designer screen you are not able to select any image as you shown here -

or after selecting it’s not showing.

No that problem is fixed

and @Boban also mentioned

i got it and now i was asking that will it work in live test coz it wasnt coming in designer screen

yes so i didnt uderstand

Terrifying, more than 25 posts to get back to this result / statement.

How about refreshing the browser?


You are downloading images in wrong way.

You should check which type of (image format) image is that as @Boban mentioned.

If the image is not visible try changing height, width, etc.

Also check whether your image is in asset

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did in jpeg

thenks also add svg files

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