Image not coming

hi my image isnt uploading i am on my new laptop and when i downloaded img as jpg then it doesnt upload

tell me the problem that is occuring

will it come in live test

pls tell
will it come in live test?

  • yes
  • no

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Can you elaborate more.



Upload/ Download?



just see my cursor i uploaded img and not showing

What is size of image and what is the type?

Check whether it’s in asset

Just wait a minute while uploading

7kb is size

It’s type is jpg? can you show a screenshot from your assets.Also can you reload the website again and see what happens?

Try to change the name of image type.

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my 2nd question is that why i cant see image on screen while coding will it come in live test

1st problem was fixed because img type was jfif then i changed it to jpej

Just renamed right?

That maybe the reason for the second problem

no the problem was with my computer also it was jpej file but i cant see it while coding so would it come on live testing

The problem is that you downloaded the image with wrong type

Download this image and try…let’s see what happens

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Use only file types such as. .jpg, .jpeg, .png

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i am asking that if img is png so will it come in live test only coz i cant see it while developing app

image saved as jpeg

Yes Definitely it should come.

where you can’t see
in companion
in .apk
or in designer screen.

in designer screen