Image Not Showing In Companion

Hi Everybody :wave:
From Many Days, Images Are Not Loading In Companion, But They Are Perfectly Shown In Exported App.
I’ve Searched In The Community, But Didn’t Got Any Help.
Designer Screen


EDIT: Re Installed Companion But Same Problem.

Device: Realme 5 (Android 10)


Try by setting the High Quality Images to true…


wow GIF

Even if my answer is correct, it should not be so, it should work in both cases…


if you load the image from URL then u need to be set high quality images to false … because it will not show high quality images from url in companion…

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All Images Are From Assets…

This seems to work on Android < 10 (but it doesn’t make sence).

Yes, of course …
(and it works on Android 11):

Tested on Android 9…
Not working.

What is not working?

Android 9 (Companion 1.4D.1Eagle):

On Android 11 both work.

Check this aia on your Android 9 device and report / post a screenshot.
assetsTest2.aia (207.4 KB)

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Hi @bodymindpower
Sorry, I don’t have Android 9 device at this time…

Android 10
High Quality Images Enabled:


Android 5.1.1


Versions of Companion:
Android 10: 1.4D.1
Android 5.1.1: 1.4D.1

The results :point_up: are of companion.
And I’ve tested exported app too.
•Exported app is working with High Quality Images Disabled on both devices
•Exported app is working with High Quality Images Enabled on both devices

No issues on all my Android 5.x test devices.

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I don’t understand:

I mean I don’t have it right now as it’s not my phone nor an emulator.
I have previously tested and it showed same result
(in companion not showing, but showing in exported app)

I’ve also tested it on several of my Android 9 devices: No issues!

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