Image not showing in screen2 when clicked from screen1

can any on please help me as the image is not showing in the 2nd screen when clicked in the first screen and also the download is not working but set as wallpaper is working…both the screen blocks:

Please post only those blocks which is specific to your problem… eg. when screen initializes block of Screen 2 and block related to close the screen 1 block

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i posted the whole block because i couldnt understand in which block i am making the mistake so posted all the blocks. can you please help?

what start value did you got in screen 2 from screen 1 post here



However, I have no clue what values is in those blocks

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It has the image URL from where the picture is taken and who clicked the picture…

Thank you for the block image

First and second screen block has been cropped and provided

i am not asking about blocks i am talking about data you get from screen1 just print it in label
to see that you are getting url or not correctly

yes url is coming correctly. i have used label and the url is showing

This is full image because i cants seen any extension on end like .jpeg, .jpg or .png

tried adding jpg not working

Copy link and paste in browser and math with screen1 url before parsing to screen2

problem solved, i solved it myself…
the background image was set to high resolution so it was not showing still thanks every one for trying to help me…

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