Image overlaying using TaifunImage extension Coordinate origin and size problem

Hi All,
Please help so that I would be able to superimpose two images using TaifunImage extension. What I have tried till now is attached. The desired output would be two images superimposed with origin to origin and width to width and height as well. Basically I wan to add some Annotation in form of Drawing and text over Live preview of camera and save the results with accuracy of coordinates.AnnotateCamera.aia (46.7 KB)

After overlaying the Canvas image get smaller and somewhat translated to some other position corrdinates.

to get the desired result, both images must have the same width and height…

I have tried this attached blocks now using two image component as invisible components but I am thinking I am missing some logic. They still didn’t get super imposed properly.

Now I have manually superimposed and got the position of Canvas which appeared to be smaller and not aligned. The preview shows the required.

Canvas Position after superimposed two images:

Revised AIA File:AnnotateCamera.aia (47.6 KB)

you can’t just set the image width to the canvas width etc, this does not modify the image itself…
you might want to use the Resize method or Scale method from the image extension…


Scaling method doesn’t support png image. Canvas is a png file.
Attached AIA:AnnotateCamera.aia (47.1 KB)

that’s unfortunate…
probably one day I will add png support to that method…

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