Image to airtable


I’m using airtable to create a database from a form but I am having a problem uploading an image.

I only can send text or I am doing something wrong because its an image?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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you can send only text to airtable


if you want to store image then you can cloudnary or firebase storage and then after upload you can store there link on airtable.


This is perfect solution


here are blocks for cloudnary, but you have to create an account on cloudnary and set there API key, API secret And Cloud Name,





I am going to try that way, thanks a lot for the help :smiley:

beradmayur31 thanks for you answer too

Later I tell you if that works for my situation


Thank you so much for the fast answer!

Im gonna try to do that, the problem is that each form has 1 different image (sent by user). It’s possible to upload to cloudinary and then receive the link to sent to airtable?

Again, thanks for your help

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yes its possible to upload to cloudnary and store that link to airtable and then can and show easily into list or image view

It works the way you tell me! thanks

You know how I can convert to utf-8? There is a way?

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why you want to convert that?

Because on my language we have Ç and Ã.
When export to airtable shows with ?? on that letters

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you can use cryptography component from utilities section, and use
this while getting text,

this while sending text


Didn’t work :frowning:
I try both ways

show me how you have used them

I set on that global the text from a checkbox if that’s checked (that text has Ç and Ã), after I use that global to send to airtable on another block as you said earlier.

I try Encode or Decode but both give me this result: (SW5zdGFsYcOnw6Nv OR 1���� () ())

I’m new at this sorry :smiley:

try like this, while sending, and when receiving use decode block before showing that text

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