Images got shuffeled with API

Hey Koders,

I m using an API to get Image from the he web and adding image to a list one by one with

For each item in list Block

But each time the images got shuffeled and Don’t appear on their own place wether we have to display it using @collinTreeListView Extension or the @Kus_Zab 's GridCardView Extension.

So I would like any one of you to help us all to sort it out because it’s faced by every one using the images to display with title dynamically.

Image Exmple : Check Title and the Image are different


Hey! Anybody here who can help and discuss the problem

Your a ProKoder, so you know to be patient :slight_smile:

Looks like a parsing issue with the JSON from the API.

How are you parsing things to make sure the content is being kept together?

Content is kept together only but imges section got some problem. Automatically. Even other things like Title and content are kept with same method.

I m saving the images url in a list with the block Each item in the list

And then setting the images in the List

Its very unlikley system is not mismatching for the sake of it. Look at the logic on how you are grabbing the data and keeping it together.

Can you show that logic?

Thanks to all and @avmcreators02 who helped me to sort it out.

Just the problem was with Wp Rest API