Images Repeated

Hello Everyone out there ,

I am working on past exam paper projects . Everything is absolutely perfect . Quiz are loading properly with images and with options .

I have almost 1000 question in my Science database (mysql) with images. When I play in science button in the app it will load 6 questions from database .

In my first run , questions
are loading properly with images but in the 2nd run same question and images are coming .

Let’s ( 1, 3, 5, 7 ,9 ) ( 9 ,7, 5, 3, 2) same questions are coming instead of other questions . How can I do this , if a user play he will not see the same questions everytime.

Edit: Don’t mention user in your first post to get attention.

I think you could save the question numbers in a local TinyDB as a list and when the app initializes and loads the list of questions from SQL Server it will remove the list of asked questions from the new SQL data

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Thank you very much for your opinion . I have tried that too but it sends me repeated questions back again .

Can you elaborate more about your process ?

Can you please send me the blocks of your app