Implement Notification Bubbles feature on Android 11 and above devices

Hello Koders,
After a short search here, it’s obvious that no one has talked before about the notification bubbles feature introduced in Android 11 which is very beneficial especially for chat apps, i want to ask developers if there’s any way -even if it’s hard- to implement this feature to Kodular or if any of our experienced professional developers is ready to provide us with this extension for free
If anyone has any idea of the way this can be done, please help me because i need it.

Dont tag users to get attention in a first post. I removed them.

I don’t real get what you exactly want why can’t you show what you have tried so far!

How did you knew my intention at all? I tagged them because they work regularly for the community to develop great extensions and it won’t be that hard for them to make this. And also, what would happen if i tagged them to get attention, i mean where’s the problem?

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What would I try without any reference? It’s a feature implemented in A11 that can be used by apps to make notifications such as messages appear in bubbles and when you click on the bubble it shows a floating screen of your choice, for example the conversation where you received the message

See here to know more about this feature:
Bubbles | Android Developers

You could have at leat shown some blocks that confuse you so that other smart developer could have come to solve the issue

There’s no blocks! This feature doesn’t exist in any way in Kodular until now from what i’ve seen in the community

ok try to show an example of the screen design of which you want

I already did
Read the article to know well how it works

We consider that spamming the community and could get you suspended from the community.

I want to ask a question, and don’t take it as offensive but just why are you -moderators- so serious about the way we may talk here? It’s a community made for everyone who wants or already joined Kodular and where people from all parts of the world meet together and talk about Kodular, i don’t think it would harm if you just let us talk however we want, we may laugh and have fun sometimes all in a good and respectful way, and if i once tagged two users for helping us in something i don’t think this will have an effect of anyone here. These extreme rules you set for the community won’t have any good impact.
I know it’s #off-topic , but please don’t delete this too, i don’t think expressing opnion freely is forbidden too.

Different people have different ideas of what is funny, good, or respectful. Most posts would end up being deleted because someone somewhere would be offended.

You still have to follow the rules like everyone else.

Did i go off the rules or expressed a desire of going off the rules? Freedom of expression is every human’s right

Freedom of expression does not mean you can say or do as you please. You still need to follow the rules of the place you are in.

In this case, you have to follow Kodular’s rules.

But what did I say? Where did I go off the rules or even express a desire of going off the rules?

You tagged users in your first post. This is generally frowned upon.

You also want to

Now let’s end this as we are going off topic and that is also against the rules.

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Is it ok to mention Extension Developers group then? To see if any of them may help