Import data from Fire Base

My application receives data from Google spreadsheets, but it is very weak and slow, so I attached the contents of the table to the fire database by code and it succeeded, but the problem I do not know how to receive data from the fire base because there are (tag) two

I searched in the community but did not I found a solution and because of my injury also, I did not try many methods, just one day

I would like to search for the identifier numbers that are in the first column of the net table and that are in the second section of the real-time database

This is the code

Code link and graphic table

Thanks in advance. I hope you are in full health and wellness

There are no blocks because I’ve scattered them because I’m creating experiences for the whole day

You want to extract the data from the tag of 333 or 5555 or both or all the tag?

All similar signs 333 and 5555 are the same in the spreadsheet, but when they were transferred to the firebase, the mark became one, and it was only mastersh.

I think, i am unable understand your query…
You want to get data from gsheet or firebase or want to send from gheet to firebase

Your screenshots didnt clear , only for me,…

When the user enters (333) or (5555) and many more of them, the results (value) appear
Of which (Customer_ID)
And (NAME)
And the rest

There is no relationship between the data table and the fire database. I have included it only to know that the data of the table goes to the base of fire, as for what I want to be linking the shield by means of the fire base in real time

If the text matches with anyone of the tag those results(sub tag) only have to display, am i correct?

Yes, when the user searches for 333 or below, the sub-flags appear on the label

i have tried in a model so try this one and edit what are the details you want also the design.

your firebase url must be

tried?.. .

I’m trying so far, nothing passed has given me the wrong link

What is your register system looks like or what information you are taking form your user to make a tag?

Did you add the firebase token in the designer mode?
firebase url set to DEFAULT?
and cleared the project bucket?, please make sure and try


Fist of all his question ss not clare enough.


No issue for me

Do not mark persist also clear the project bucket

He tells me that the link is invalid

then check your firebase url or PM me

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