Importing bulk assets to app by zip method

Do you got aia?

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Did you fix the problem?

Nothing to fix, imports fine

Compiles fine

Then why it’s not working for me :cold_face:

Network issues maybe

Then please download aia and send me on pm

It’s not importing for me :disappointed_relieved:

Server error could not upload project please try again later. It’s showing like to

Can not help since project uploads with no errors as you can see from above image

It is a network issue I believe can not do anything, as you can see even your projects images doesn’t load correctly

No no it’s editted image blur effect :sweat_smile: those squares are not project images everything loads fine for me but not uploading aia.

It’s not project image blur effect, please help.

If works for you then I’ll give you new kodular account upload aia and send a message please

Please stop spamming or I will have to close topic. Project loads for me, compiles with no issues, nothing I can do. Try again later

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Can i send you new mail id in pm can you import project there?

Check pm …

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