Importing new keystore affects all projects

Wait! I have a question, importing keystore will reset all project keystore. Is not it?


It will take effect on next app release (Older projects)! :thinking:

I’d recommend signing apps outside of Kodular, AI2, Thunkable, … (with AppToMarket, APK Editor Studio, etc). So you have no problems with saving, importing and reimporting keystores.

I have been doing this for many years and have never had trouble signing an app if I switched between the AI distributions mentioned above or for whatever reason an app needs to be re-signed. If there is time, I will make a tutorial on this topic.


I’m already thinking about two possible solutions:

  1. Signing APK outside app inventors (As you mentioned.)
  2. Exporting project keystore and importing it again whenever needed.

But, both sounds unprofessional.

On the contrary, I would, as I said, always prefer No. 1.

Why not drop both options and ask google to use a new keystore



I will have to do it again and again whenever (if) I need to import a project again in Kodular! :wink:

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I use the same keystore file on AI2, AB, and Kodular, so I never face any issues. :grin:


When i see a new builder that i like and want to try seriously (Where i want to publish some apps on Google Play) that’s when i import my keystore in the builder. So like @Kanishka_Developer i have the same keystore in every builder. Never had a problem.


Yes, that’s true, but many developers are not aware of this fact and the issues that may arise later at the beginning. So, when someone started

  • with AI2 and has an AI2 app published in the Play Store and switched later to
  • Thunkable and has also released a new app there and finally was landing at
  • Kodular to publish a new app from there,

the problems occur at the latest when all other projects (created and signed by AI2, Thunkable,AB) are imported into the Kodular and have to be signed and released with the correct keystores.

In these not infrequent cases, it’s best to sign an app outside of Kodular as I said earlier.

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@bodymindpower Are you referring to opt it google play for signing the package?

Yes, to release an app in the Play Store I need the same PackageName & the same keystore as when the app was published for the first time.

What is the process that you go through for publishing new and then updates? Maybe you could create a short tutorial that shows how to opt in and reuse same google play keystore

By the way, I still use your tool “AppToMarket” for many years. Thanks for that.

My apps are typically 40-90 MB in size. So I use AppToMarket or APK Studio Editor to paste the (big) files into the assets and sign the app. For this I always use the same keystore for new apps.

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Wow. From what your posts in various forums, I think you include videos and may images

50-300 audio files (compressed), a few images, no video

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So I was also very surprised that some complained about a bigger APK size (+1MB) since Eagle. I only have paid-apps on Android and iOS (150MB). So far no one has complained about the app size.

I do not want to keep the app small by downloading the files the first time the app is started, since I do not want to allow access to the audio files (for non-rooted device).