Importing Webview menu on top


I have website Website is mobile responsive. I also successes making app with the help of Kodular. Thank to Kodular. Now I wand to import all the menus on the top of my website in app. Any body can explain me how to import webvew menus in app.



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Which menu ? I’ve seen your site but I don’t understand what menu you want to show.
Maybe you can (I don’t know if it is possible) to do that if your site is shown in a web view change the position of the menu in the top.

He I have attached screen shot. These menu I want as a sidebar bar in App.

I didn’t understand you want only menu from website

I can’t see the menu in my browser !!!
For that reason I asked the question …

Edit: Take a look at this site
PC browser

Phone browser

These options of how to display the menu are programmed in the website (HTML, Java, etc) and not for an app.
I hope you understand what I mean and my example will serve you, greetings

My Website is mobile responsive. you can check by pressing F12. Even site opens very well in mobile. Only thing is I want to create Side menus using Kodular Side Menu Layout for my APP. It is strange Why you are unable to see the menus in your browser.


Why you need to created Side Menu ??
That way you would duplicate the menu !!!


Celerity and sensitivity of Side Menu Layout from kidular is much much higher than Webview menu. I will disable webview menu and activate Side menu Layout from Kodular.


So what is your question ?

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While creating a topic, be more clear about what you exactly want, so other users can help you :blush: