Improve quality PDF Creator Extension

Hi, I am using KIO4_Pdf1 Creator Extension, everytihing is ok but de quality on the PDF is realy poor, specially on text documents… do you have any idea how to improve this quality?

My App takes an image from the gallery or take a picture with the camera and add a page for each image selected, the problem is with the resolution of images of text document.

the author of that extension @juananton1991 might have an idea…
and as not everyone is reading all posts, I added him into this thread for you…
PS: I just corrected the developer name… thank you @TimAi2

@PakoAlanis, why did you take a picture of something that appears to have sensitive information? This is an open forum and anyone can see that picture you attached and download it.

There is not sensitive information, it´s a dummy form… thanks anyway!

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see this to increase quality of image

You can try tick to high quality image option in Designer section (screen properties -> in advance option -> High Quality Image) before create blocks