In App Billing component for subscriptions not working

Hello great koders I don’t know what exactly is wrong though I am not thinking if it is Kodular component IAB !

After a long review on my App finally google have accepted my new update for my App In App Billing but not working.

I kindly need your advance help.

Here are the blocks

App on play store.

I will appreciate your response with solving details.

This isnt how you should ask a question. Please provide a screenshot of your blocks and what the app does.

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I don’t think this is a valid sub id

How a valid should look like? and where do I get it?

the subscription id can be any text of your choice… it must only match your setup in Google Play

please find several threads here in the community about problems with the In App Billing component and subscriptions, for example

What I don’t understand is that; the problem is the component or my blocks?
Whatever case please @Taifun help me in advance.

Did you read this

The “call .subcribe” block has not worked for a long time. In theory, the next update would be solved together with the “consume” block.

When the next update Will come?

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