In-app-billing (Don't be annoyed)

Hello koders,
I am making and app for one of my friend. It contains paid content, I don’t want the money paid to enter my account because am not the one providing the service, can I make the money enter my friend’s account? Reason why am asking is that I haven’t opened developer’s account. Is this possible and please please please don’t be annoyed because I know when people ask questions about in-app-billing some people get pized off.

How are you going to distribute the app? If you don’t open a developer’s account, then your friend will have to do it. Or may be a Paypal link or something similar?

I would suggest, after finishing the app send it to your friend via apk or aia file.

And you’re friend would have to create a developers account via link here

Like @Italo said

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It is possible; you can ask your friend to add yourself as team member in Google Developer Console. You can read more here.

Google Play Console > Settings > Developer account > Users & Permissions

But I recommend to have your own deleoper account for publishing your own apps.


Thank you guys for your Answers all of you solved my question.:+1:


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