In App Purchase

I want to know that how to use properly “In App Purchase” component.

Go through here,

Is there is any easy way like already made aia available please suggest me

It is a paid extension so no, there is no aia available.

It’s a component in kodular

It doesn’t work properly. Taifun’s extension does, but we can’t give an aia of that as it’s a paid extension.

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Why pay when it’s available for this free ingredient?
And why is it not working as it should?

Because it doesn’t work as it should.

Search the forum, there are topics about it.

i came across and it works in test mode

If they have fixed it then that’s great.

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the easiest way is to register as a paypal business then create a paypal button to launch in a webviewer it works great

you should not post someone’s extension directly