In app purchases

i want to add a feature of in app purchases in my app. i.e, users can buy my pro version app which is adds free. its little bit confusing for me to how to do this…

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Go in :
then drag and drop this component: image

Then you’ve got the blocks for your needs (btw I’ts in french srry)

I have no idea how to get the “product id” thing, look on YouTube, there are a ton of tutorials to how get one
You can enable “Test mode” to skip the purchase and test if it work. image



thanks alot… i am going to check this

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I read that this feature doesn’t work temporarily.

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you mean to say that there is a bug in “in app billing extension”??

How to get the Product Id and License key:

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should i have submit the apk 1st then i have to do all these procedure??

That’s right. You need to publish the app first so you can get the license key.

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thanks alot. and can you send me the block procedure of in app billing?


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thankyou man… :innocent:

Where block you can put license id ??

Where block to put license id?

I don’t think it’s necessary because the Kodular Element uses the official Google Package. But if you use @Taifun’s extension, it is necessary.

so just product id and not necessary licence id can connet the app to billing?

Yes. That’s what I think.

Did you tried it?? And work cause i have some problem like u

Yes, it works fine for me.

Can u give me step to upload an make purchase that you made work until lounching on playstore

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