In App Subscription + Limitation


I am currently working on an app that requires the user to subscribe using In App Subscription with monthly fees. There will be 3 plans and each plan has its own features. Usage of the app is limited based on the plan they choose. For example, if a user chose plan B, he only has 200 actions (let’s say to generate photo)

My question is, how to implement those limitation using only In App. I don’t really want to use any membership login or databases to run this tracker.

Any ideas?


use one of the billing extensions and count the actions of the user and store them in TinyDB

Well then if the user uninstalls and reinstalls, or clears app storage, the count will be reset.


that’s correct… if you want to avoid that, then use an online database

Okay so I have decided to use Firebase authentication + Firebase DB but I need some help. I was able to to configure Authentication. But now comes the DB, how does that work? How to structure the DB to create profiles for each user?