In app update -

Hi. I have a problem with the new version There is no “experiment” section and an “In app update” extension. Just me so I have?

I don’t think there was any extension before update

In the list of novelties of the new version of Kodular Eagle-is a new component In app update ". I have all the new extensions like Google play games but I do not have an in app update :pensive:

Follow the steps to do so

Search before creating a new topic.
Go to account (top right) > settings


So I already know. I mean the new extension. In the attachment screenshot:

English please.

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Ok. Sorry. I’ve corrected my post

Did you do this?

Stay tuned. Check if it works…

Ok works. Thanks to everyone for your help

Great and please next time search before you ask. There were already topics about this subject.


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