In your country, has anyone reported that Kodular doesn't need to know how to program?

I created this off-topic because I have been observing some quotes in groups and forums. In my country they sell the idea about Kodular: “Create applications without knowing how to program!” So I see many creating “legos” where they just assemble the blocks. Ok, Kodular is one of the tools that does this. But when they need a simple algorithm, they don’t know how to manage. Then I say “study a little algorithm”. Often, in my answers I try to “teach how to fish” instead of giving the fish. And in your country, how is Kodular advertising sold ?


All the people I know…
The just copy the code… Even without understanding why that kode or code is used…

They just don’t use there brain to implement and create new logic and algo…


But, some youtubers in your country also say “create an app without knowing how to program!” ?


They just want to get views…

It’s just like cracking walnut without teeth​:joy::joy::joy:


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My first contact with block coding was at the technology college, where exactly in the algorithms class the professor introduced us to App Inventor 2.

When I started using Kodular, I already had some projects and had already kind of taught some friends, and even my kids, to create a simple logic in it.

This is definitely not a good practice. In addition to learning more and more with each project, we cannot simply copy, paste, compile and publish a project.

I follow some in my country, and other countries, who are also very knowledgeable and are very generous in sharing them in a clear and objective way.

Also here in the community, we learn a lot every day too.

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Sorry, but that’s not exactly what I asked. I think I expressed myself badly about YOUTUBERS. What I would like to know is if in other countries, whoever publishes Kodular, promotes saying that “learn to create app without programming”. I particularly think that is a lie.
P.S. - Replace the word youtubers with promoters.
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No no … I understood perfectly, I just added that, really, this idea of ​​"learn to create app without programming" is not used correctly, because we need to know the basics and some promoters can help a lot through it.

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Create applications without knowing how to program!
This title is fake. If you don’t have some basic knowledge, will not be able to programme almost anything.
The truth does not offend anybody, please read this topic

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So, @bestprintsf, but sometimes I try what you did, pass the logic or as the @taifun did, passed links for learning and I get the impression that I was not very well understood …
P.S. - I changed the title

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You didn’t understand what I wrote. I have the impression that I am not well understood for doing what I do: “teaching how to fish and not giving the fish”

Oops. Sorry :grimacing:

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In my country, if I talk about Kodular, it’s like speaking to them in any other language :")

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No one ready to know which block performs what action and where to use only they understand is admob blocks or monetization block